Rhino3D: Organic styling detail (Part 3)

This is Part 3 of this Rhino 3D Organic Styling detail tutorial.

Note: This video shown below is an update of this styling detail’s concept modelling using Rhino Version 6

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In Part 2, we have matched the 2 surfaces as shown below.


Next, we need to project the newest curve onto the newly matched surface. The Curve-on-surface (COS) should be created as shown below,


Next, Trim off the excess portion of the 2nd surface as shown below. As described earlier, for the newer versions of Rhino, it is not necessary to create a curve-on-surface in order to execute a trim.


Now, we need to create a nicely blended surface between the gap formed by the 2 surfaces. To do that go to Surface Tools >> Blend Surface. Select the 2 edges to create the new blend surface as shown below.

We have come to the end of Part 3 of this Rhino 3D styling tutorial.

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Part 4 will be the final part of this tutorial.

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