Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are your core businesses?

Answer: Our core business are in the domain of 3D design, modeling and visualisation. We can create digital deliverables such as 3D CAD models and renderings based on Client requirements. Our other strong area lies in providing consultation and training services for Clients.  We regularly conduct 3D modelling courses in Singapore. We have been supporting customers from Singapore as well as neighbouring countries such as Malaysia. As the 3D software and skills that we conduct the courses for are the ones that we use on a professional basis, we are able to provide expert and professional training for our clients. Additionally, our Associate Trainers have lecturing experiences with established Design Institutes.

Question: Do you work with Overseas Clients?

Answer: Typically, we work with clients who are based in Singapore. However, for our regular clients that have relocated beyond Singapore, we are still able to work with them via online communication. Payment for overseas projects are strictly via Paypal.

Question: What are the companies that you have had assignments before?

Answer: Either directly or through a 3rd-party, we have done assignments for clients such as:
Philips, Hewlett-Packard, P & G, Razer, Creative, Dell, Fraba, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, Panasonic (SG), Singapore Technologies, Singapore Armed Forces.

Question: I did internet searches and found that there are very cheap 3D courses available elsewhere in Singapore. Why should I take your courses?

Answer: The cheap 3D courses available elsewhere in Singapore are primarily generic and introductory courses into the 3D programs. They are geared mainly towards beginners. Although we also provide Beginner courses for 3D softwares, we have the capability to greatly go beyond that. We are not just course providers, we are professionals who uses these programs for live and real projects. You may be surprised to know that the transportation system that you travelling on, the electrical devices and computer accessories that you use may have been 3D modelled or reverse-engineered by us!! To date, we have provided customised 3D training and consultation for major electronic MNCs and training institutes.

Question: Do you conduct the 3D courses online or remotely?

Answer: Generally, no. Our opinion is that conducting an online 3D training will result in the lost of much required interactivity. This is because our training approach is very much hands-on with significant usage of printed materials and impromptu hand-sketching to assist in the delivery of the training. Therefore, we felt that an online training may not be able to allow the best delivery.

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