3D Modeling, Graphics and Design Training

With more than 15 years of combined experience in design and lecturing, Studiorola Designer is highly qualified in 3D Design Software Coaching. He also have much real-world 3D modeling experience in creating product designs, parts and digital assets for various industries. These industries include those of consumer product design, marine engineering, public transportation, instructional design, etc.

Currently, we offer the following types of 3D Training:

Certified Rhinoceros 3D Training rhino

In partnership with Nosco Consultancy, Studiorola designer and trainer offers Authorised Rhinoceros 3D Training. An official Certificate of Completion will be given upon successfully completion of the training.

Studiorola Designer is authorised to conduct both Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Rhinoceros 3D Training.

Customised Rhinoceros 3D Training

No two industries use Rhinoceros 3D in the same way. Individual industries and disciplines have specific requirement and workflow peculiar to their profession.

As a practicing  3D professional, Studiorola Designer has extensive experience using Rhinoceros 3D for realworld modeling and design. He has trained many persons including design/art students, lecturers, craftsmen, architects, naval engineers and designers.


In partnership with Nosco Consultancy, Studiorola Designer also offers Customised Rhinoceros 3D Training.

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Note: The Trainer is bilingual and is able to effectively conduct the lessons in either English or Chinese (Mandarin).

3d-logoc3D Art – Modelling and Visualisation Training and Consultation

Are you interested in learning 3D Digital Graphics ?

Commercial high end 3D animation packages cost thousands of dollars. Not many people who are just starting out on 3D will be willing to fork out that amount of money. It certainly does not make good economic sense to buy some expensive and complex 3D application only to discover that 3D and digital media is not one’s cup of tea.

Open source application programs such as Blender 3D are freely available for download and use. This certainly makes it easier for someone to assess his or her aptitude towards 3D and/or digital media.

However, like all feature-rich 3D applications, Blender is, without exception, not easy to learn. Most major 3D tools and functions are available on Blender. In fact, despite its open-source nature, Blender is a powerful high-end 3D program.

Designer and Trainer at Studiorola can help you to understand 3D art creation, rendering and animation easier and faster via Blender 3D as a learning platform. Furthermore, Blender can even be used to create 3D models for 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

The tool is only as good as the Artist. In the workshop, the emphasis is not only on hard skills. There will also be emphasis on soft skills such as composition, aesthetics and lighting sense.


Designer at Studiorola is an experienced Digital Artist and have works appearing in magazines and publications such as Carrara Expo and 3D World Mag. He uses Blender on a commercial basis, producing 3D related deliverable for clients.

Studiorola Designer regularly conducts workshops on 3D Modelling and have done that in Singapore and China. He has also helped companies integrate Blender into their existing workflow.

Training may be conducted at our office or at Client’s preferred location.

Available Blender 3D Related Trainings

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Note: The Coach is bilingual and is able to effectively conduct the lessons in either English or Chinese (Mandarin).

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    Can I apply without EILTS?
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