AI Augmented Creativity and Concept Ideation Course

This short course is crafted for Users, Designers, and Professionals seeking to leverage Stable Diffusion’s power and potential to enhance and expand multiple aspects of the creative development journey. Rather than substituting human responsibilities with automated procedures, the course explores the utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) as a tool to enhance ideation and human decision-making.


The prospect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) replacing human work can be daunting for many. However, it’s essential to understand that human consciousness and artificial intelligence (AI) generated through deep learning are fundamentally distinct concepts.

Human consciousness encompasses the subjective experience of awareness, thoughts, emotions, and perceptions, representing a complex and still inadequately understood phenomenon. In contrast, AI, including deep learning, comprises a collection of algorithms and computational processes crafted to execute specific tasks or simulate facets of human intelligence, devoid of consciousness or subjective experience.

Human consciousness fuels creativity, originality, and the capacity to generate new ideas and art. AI systems, including those employing deep learning, operate within the confines of patterns and information embedded in their training data. They can produce outputs based on learned patterns but don’t manifest genuine creativity or novelty.

Consequently, it’s crucial to recognize that while AI-based generators can serve as valuable tools for particular tasks, they typically can’t replace the expertise and creativity of human designers. Instead, they complement human creativity by offering a swift means to visualize and convey design concepts.

Course Outline

Our course will not use online services. Instead, participants will be guided through the process of installing open-source AI image generation software locally on personal machines. The crucial advantage of this is that all works will be locally stored on your own machines and not on the servers of online providers. This is especially important for commercial or sensitive works.

The course will encompass the following areas:

  • Installation and hardware setup.
  • Principles, Processes and Terminology
  • AI-Enhanced Conceptualization and Form Ideation in the Design Phase
  • Swift Transformation of Hand-drawn Sketches into Visually Striking Renderings
  • Effectively Communicating the Contextual Application of Designs
  • Exploring Various Design Styles

A short demo of AI capability for Concept generation is as shown below:


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Note: Our trainer is bilingual and proficient in conducting lessons in both English and Chinese (Mandarin).