Grasshopper 3D Tutorial: Attractor Curves using Paneling Tools

This tutorial focuses on utilizing Attractor Curves with the Rhino Grasshopper 3D Paneling Tool.

The Rhino Grasshopper 3D Paneling Tool, commonly known as Paneling Tools, serves as a plugin for Rhino, a widely-used 3D modeling software. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the creation of intricate, non-uniform paneling and patterned designs on various surfaces. Paneling Tools seamlessly integrates with Grasshopper, enhancing the capabilities of parametric design. In the fields of architecture and industrial design, Paneling Tools plays a vital role in crafting elaborate facades, decorative components, and artistic patterns on surfaces. It empowers designers with extensive control and adaptability, rendering it an indispensable asset for those engaged in Rhino-based paneling and patterning projects.