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Product and Industrial Design is a broad based discipline. Here at Studiorola, we are able to undertake different types of projects with diverse criteria ranging from visual-appeal, innovation,  ‘purely-conceptual/blue-sky’, to  ‘downstream-readiness’. Regardless of types of project, our foci are on problem solving, providing solutions and achieving the objectives as defined by the Client.

Designer at Studiorola has extensive experience working with other professionals in the product development arena and can effectively communicate design intents across disciplines as diverse as engineering, tooling and marketing.

The types of work that we are able to undertake are as the following:

1. Conceptual Development and Idea-generation

This area involves the communication and presentation of conceptual, creative and strategic framework in the form of concept drawings, sketches, images and/or diagrams. Conceptual design investigates diverse considerations such as user-experience, differentiation, target profile, cultural anthropology and ease of manufacturing. In this area, we have done works for corporations as well as individuals who require creative inputs for their inventions or designs.

Click here to find out more about conceptual development and ideation phase services.


2. Product Visualisation

This is in the form of realistic rendering and/or animation of design concepts. We use advanced global illumination and raytracing-based rendering systems to create realistic renditions of design concepts.


3. Precision 3D Modeling for data transfer and downstream

This involves producing 3D surface files and optional 2D Technical Drawings. We are able to create manufacturable 3D surfaces in IGES and/or STEP format for mechanical and engineering downstream. For this, we will require the client to provide us with the settings and parameters for the mechanical CAD/CAM system. We can also provide STL files that are suitable for rapid prototyping purposes.


Our studio uses Rhinoceros 3D software as the main surface modelling tool. This software produces manufacturable 3D models and can output files that are compatible with most MCAD systems such as Pro-engineer, Catia and Solidworks. Additionally, Rhinoceros 3D also works well with other CAID tools such as Aliasstudio. In this area, we have extensive experience and have done works for companies, especially those related to the consumer electronic product industry.

In addition to Rhinoceros NURBS modeller, we also use a parametric 3D CAD system, allowing for the creation of associative 3D, 2D data and drawings.

Click here for an overview of our CAID capability.

Studiorola has affiliations with mechanical design, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping and tooling service providers and can help you to link up with them if their services are required.


For enquiries and quotes, please use the following channels:

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Feel free to contact use if you have any queries.

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