Consultation on 3D design and graphics software integration

Not all businesses need expensive commercial 3D graphics software in order to produce sleek visuals and animations. This is especially true if your core business is not in the area of 3D digital design, visualisation and VFX works.

We can provide consultation on integrating cost-effective and appropriate 3D CAD, visualisation and opensource solutions into existing business workflows. As 3D design and graphics programs are often complex multi-faceted applications, we provide customised trainings that are crafted towards Client’s specific requirements.

To date, we have helped companies (including MNCs) integrated powerful open source 3D solutions such as Blender 3D into their business and operational workflow as tools for creating, marketing, promotional and instruction materials. Many of our customers are repeat customers.

To date, we are familiar with open source solutions pertaining to 3D modelling, printing, rapid prototyping, VR (Virtual Reality), product visualisation, animation, human character posing and real time interactivity.


” Great one-to-one customized training to suit your industry needs. And very well organised, easy-to-follow training manuals.”

Adrian Chong Lee Chiang, Besi Esec

If you have any queries, you may call us at +65 97101546 (Singapore) for a no-obligation discussion.

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