As a 3D Consultancy, Studiorola provides the following types of design-related services.

1. Product and Industrial Design. Designer at Studiorola has much experience in consumer-based Product and Industrial Design.

2. Customised design for limited volume fabrication. We can produce models for limited volume fabrication or even 3D printing.

3. 3D Modeling and Rendering. Studiorola can provide services for both NURBS-based and Polygonal-based 3D modelling. Besides Industrial and product design type modelling, Studiorola also has experience in providing services for game-engine and virtual world content 3D modelling.

4. 3D software Coaching and Training. Studiorola provides 3D software coaching for the following types of software: Rhinoceros, AliasStudio and Blender 3D. Studiorola can teach these software programs in design institutes, companies and schools as well as providing private tuitions to individuals.

5. 3D Illustrations. Digital 3D illustrations.  Click here to view our artworks portfolio.

6. Consultation for 3D software integration into existing business and operational workflow. Because of our experiences with commercial 3D CAD as well as open source 3D solutions, we have helped businesses integrate 3D software solutions and their corresponding hardware requirements into their existing business and operational workflow.

For enquiries and quotes, please use the following channels:

Email address:

Phone number: +65 97101546 (Singapore)

We are open to overseas assignments and can converse in both English and Chinese (Mandarin).

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