Rhino 6 Visualisation and Rendering Course

Rhino 6 is vastly superior to previous versions in term of visualisation and rendering capability. RhinoCycles is a powerful rendering engines that is built right into Rhino 6 itself, waiting for Users to harness its photorealistic rendering ability.


A basic understanding of Rhinoceros 3D’s Interface and proficiency in modelling is required.

Course Outline

Our Rhino 6 Visualisation and Rendering Course covers the following topics:

  • Display and Preview Options
  • Material and Texturing
  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Environment Illumination and Background
  • Cycles Shader Nodes (Grasshopper) Introduction
  • Cycles Shader Nodes Material Creation (Grasshopper)
  • Shader Nodes Texturing & Applications
  • Material Examples

Rhino Cycles Render

Printed Training Materials will be provided.

Enquire and request for quotation

For more information about cost, kindly contact us at +65 97101546 (Singapore).

Training is conducted by a Certified Rhinoceros 3D Instructor.