Rendering and Animating CAD Models – Blender 3D / Cycles Course


This course is aimed at budget-conscious companies and persons who want to enhance their digital Computer Aided Design (CAD) models with photo-realistic renderings and animations. The main program used (for the training) is Blender (Cycles) 3D which is a free opensource 3D rendering program. As this program is free, there is no need to own or purchase any expensive rendering software in order to attend the course. This frees up the rendering software cost, allowing the User to focus the cost on acquiring suitable hardwares that will increase rendering speed and power instead.


This course is catered to persons such as Inventors, Mechanical Engineers and Designers who wanted to create compelling visuals and animation of their CAD models using the opensource and free renderer Blender Cycles. Users of CAD program such as Solidworks, SolidEdge, CREO (Pro-engineer), Spaceclaim, Mechanical Designspark, Rhinoceros may find the course useful.

Printed Coursewares will be provided.

Shown directly below is a typical screenshot of a 3D model (assembly) taken from an Engineering Computer Aided Design program. Not very exciting, isn’t it?

Parametric CAD render


Below is a render of the above CAD model using the free but extremely powerful Blender Cycles Renderer. As you can see, although Blender is free, it is fully capable of producing fantastic rendered results. For the budget-conscious, this software is the alternative to expensive commercial renderers. With the right knowledge, Blender 3D with Cycles is able to generate nice product renderings.

parametric CAD render


Below is a screenshot of the Blender 3D environment where the CAD model has been imported into.

Product Rendering free

Course Outline:

Below is the general outline of the course. However, it can be customised based on Client’s requirement.


  • Generic Workflow
  • Export file formats

Software Interface Navigation

  • Introduction to Blender Software Interface
  • Installing Essential Addons
  • Importing CAD model into Blender
  • Preparing model for rendering

Cycles Renderer

  • Introduction to Cycles Renderer
  • GPU-based rendering for enhanced speed
  • Cycle Materials
  • Texture and Decal mapping
  • Lighting Basics and Techniques
  • Product Studio Setup and Techniques
  • Environment Setting
  • Rendering Setting
  • File Formats
  • Working with High Dynamic Range File formats


  • Basic Animation Principles
  • Establishing mechanical movement hierarchy and structures
  • Creating animation files


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