Grasshopper 3D Tutorial: Galapagos Generative Design Tool

This is a Grasshopper 3D Tutorial about the Galapagos Evolutionary Solver. It is a Generative Design Tool within Rhino Grasshopper Visual Programming environment.

For Galapagos to work, 2 aspects must be defined within the Definition. They are:
1. The Genome – List of genes
2. The Fitness Function

What is so exciting about Galapagos or evolutionary computing as a whole, is that the dynamics is like Artificial Intelligence that deploys Genetic Algorithm for the generation of design solutions. In this new paradigm and methodology, the Designer is crafting the ‘program’ for the software to come up with solutions based on the design criteria and parameters.

The Designer is no longer the modeler of the 3D form. Instead, the definition that the Designer has created is the one generating the solutions as if they are biologically evolving.