3D Visualisation, Illustration & Graphics services

Studiorola can provide quality 3D illustration and graphics creation services at a reasonable cost. We have experience creating 3D graphics for prints as well as for digital output.

Projects that we have undertaken include both high polygonal as well as low polygonal (for realtime 3D engines) works. No shape or object is too hard for us to create.

We use a range of software tools for the creation of models and 3D renderings.

Services that we are able to provide include:

1. 3D Modeling

We can create both Polygon as well as NURBS-based models. Types of modelling that we have undertaken include organic soft-form (animals, creature, etc), interior,  architectural, medical and hard-edged industrial modelling.

2. 3D rendering and visualisation

We have experience creating 3D illustrations & artworks for prints such as book covers, packaging or other printed materials. We have also done architectural and interior type 3D rendering works.

>>> Click here to see some sample rendering from us.

3. 3D Real Time Interactive Visualisation and VR

We are able to create interactive and real time 3D visualisation contents. Below shows a demo.

4. Web-based Interactive Product Visualisation

We are able to create web-based Interactive Product Visualisation. Click link below to view a demonstration.

>>> Web-based Interactive Product Visualisation

5. 3D Animation

We have done animation works for product visualisation as well as events presentation purposes.

>>> Click here to view a sample Logo Animation


We can also provide initial concept development for projects with such a requirement.

Pricing are calculated individually depending on the project and complexity.

At Studiorola, we are open to possibilities and will take on modelling works that are new to our experiences.

The short 3D science fiction movie below broadly illustrates the scope of what we can do.

You may also like to check out the artwork section.

For enquiries and quotes, please use the following channels:

Email address: info@studiorola.com

Phone number: +65 97101546 (Singapore)

Feel free to contact use if you have any queries.

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