Yafray – free high quality rendering program

Yafray is a free but high quality rendering program.

It sports the following features:

  1. Full Global Ilumination
  2. Skydome Ilumination
  3. HDRI Ilumination
  4. Depth of field render
  5. Caustics

Below is an example of Yafray DOF ((Depth of field) and Caustics.


I use Yafray as a rendering option within Blender 3D. To do that, you will need to install both software programs on the same computer. Yafray will be called upon, when you select it (within Blender 3D) as the Rendering Engine.

Below is an example of Yafray render using HDR environmental map.


You can get Yafray from www.yafray.org.

3 thoughts on “Yafray – free high quality rendering program

  1. thanks you sooo much for all these info SIm…really appreciate it.

    btw..do u know if there is any good render engine that is compatible to ARCHICAD?..the rendered output of archicad is not desirable as in terms of realism.


  2. Hi Richard,

    I am not familiar with Archicad. So sorry.

    But, I know that quite a few Interior designers and architects use Kerkythea free rendering system for their commercial project.

    Kerkythea can import OBJ and 3DS file format.

    You can check out Kerkythea here:


    regards 🙂

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