Serif Movieplus Video Editor – Introduction

This article is a short introduction of Movieplus.

So what is Movieplus? Basically, it is a video editing program from Serif.  It comes with a feature-reduced starter edition which is free as of this writing. Serif is also the maker of popular image editor Affinity Photo as well as the Illustration program Affinity Designer. Affinity Photo has often been touted as a viable alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Software Interface

The starting interface of this easy-to-use Video Editor is as shown below. It is that of a typical Video Editor.

The main portions of the interface includes the Preview Window, Media Explorer and the Timeline section.

Movieplus video editor

Basically, the Preview window displays footage that is corresponding to the slider’s position on the Timeline.

Effects Types

This software sports the essential types for video editing effects.

This includes the following:

  • Transition Types,
  • Video Effect and
  • Titles Effects

All effects are contained within the Gallery. Additional the Gallery also contans Envelopes.

Titles and credit effects can be dragged unto corresponding Video Tracks.


Project Setting

The Properties panel is used to display the properties of selected objects.


Project setting is defined at File >> Project Setting.

File Format
Serif Movieplus projects can be exported to many video file formats. But they should be saved as MVP format to ensure that projects can be retrieved. To do that go to File >> Save /Save As.

The Starter Edition can import files such as wmv, avi,  Mp3, Wav. Starter Edition can export files such as wmv and avi.

Basic Workflow for Video Editing

1. Firstly, we need to set the resolution and other options for the movie project. To do that, go to File >> Project Setting to input the requirement.

2. Using the Media Explorer, find and insert source media files onto the Timeline’s corresponding tracks.

3. From the Gallery, drag and drop the required Transition onto the Video or Overlay Track on the Timeline.

4. Titles and credit effects can be drag unto corresponding Video Tracks.
In the Preview Window, key in the required text.

5. Using the Explorer, drag and drop the audio files onto the audio or music track.

6. Use the Video Preview to preview the result.

7. Using File >> Export Movies, save final work as a corresponding movie file.

Over at Studiorola, we use Serif Movieplus to edit and compile some of our videos and 3D movies. Sporting a conventional layout, we find it very easy to understand and is intuitive to use. Because it has such as ubiquitous interface, users of video editors such as Adobe Premiere should be able to pick it up without much relearning.

Here is a short 3D movie that is made by us which is compiled and video edited using Movie Plus.

Enjoy 🙂