3D Product Sketching Course


Being able to sketch properly empowers Innovators, Inventors and Designers to quickly and effectively communicate design intents to others. This is especially crucial for conveying designs and ideas to persons such as Bosses, Clients and potential Investors. Good sketching proficiency allows forms and ideas to be presented before progressing towards more engineering and fabrication-intensive phases of the design process.


Our 3D Product Sketching Course is conducted by an established Industrial Designer who was previously hailed from the Automotive Industry. The training is progressively structured to enable the Participant to built up his or her sketching proficiency in a gradual and systematic manner.

This course is aimed at persons who want to learn the art of sketching 3D designs for the intention of conveying ideas and forms.

Phase 1 Course Outline – 3D Sketching

Session 1

Principles of Perspective Drawings
One point perspective
Two point perspective
Three point perspective
Practice session

Session 2

Line works
Shading principles
Ellipse principles and application
Practice session

Session 3

Surface Visualisation
Practice session
Live rendering demonstration

Phase 2 Course Outline – Marker Rendering

Session 1

Introduction to rendering tools and materials
Strokes and control in marker and pastel application
Working with other rendering tools
Understanding light and shade in marker rendering
Rendering effects with different surfaces
Practice session

Session 2

Rendering different materials Transparent rendering technique
Using tools to create textures
Defining different surfaces
Practice session

Session 3

Letting lines reinforce the story
Ghost lines
Gestural / Emotional lines
Achieving Emotional realism
Demo: Touch-up technique with Image Photo Editor


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