Online Hexagon 3D Tutorials

Hi Readers,

Been searching on the net for Hexagon Tutorials. As you may know, Hexagon 2.2 is been given away free on the latest issue of 3D World Mag. More info here.

For getting one started, I found the series from VTC pretty good. As VTC is a commercial entity, it didn’t offer the complete set of video tutorials for free. However, I feel that the freely available ones are good for understanding Hexagon interface and basics.


>>> Here is the link to VTC’s set of Hexagon tutorials.

Another place that has good video tutorials for Hexagon is Geekatplay at

Besides the generic tutorials on Hexagon fundamentals, I also found other tutorials pertaining to specific  tasks.

Here they are:

1. 3D Paint and Unfolding –

2. Modelling a digital camera –

3. Modelling a Bicycle Wheel –

4. Modelling of a 3D Character ( image shown below) –


Hope that it is useful 🙂