3D Artwork: Cloud Splitter Personal Jet

Cloud Splitter is a futuristic personal jet that drew inspirations from existing airplanes as well as science fictional machines. It is designed and created for the Uncommon Paradigm 3D Artbook. The artbook is distributed freely as a PDF download.

This scene was made entirely using Blender with some texture maps created using the GIMP. The image is rendered using Blender’s own internal rendering engine.

The bulk of the airplane was created using subsurfacing and symmetry modelling.

The aircraft body used material nodes for ‘multi-coated’ shader and texturing. Composite nodes were used for RGB correction and scene effects such as Depth-of-field.


The earlier work-in-progress included a female human character. However, after receiving feedbacks from other fellow artists, she was excluded from the final render.

Work-in-progress posts are as below: