Official Guide to Using DAZ Studio

Publications about DAZ softwares are few and far between. So, it is nice to see a Guide Book written for DAZ Studio, the popular 3D character posing program.

Official Guide To Using DAZ Studio To Create Beautiful Art comes in colour and is of good paper quality. Geared towards beginner and intermediate users of DAZ Studio, the book contains many explanatory pictures and renderings. This helps in making the content easy to read and understand.

This book is more than a technical manual. It teaches the reader techniques for creating compelling artwork using the free DAZ Studio software. This includes methods of getting the right poses and portraying the intended emotion of the 3D character.  There is also a section on working with non-human characters.

The content on the included CD is worth the entire value of the book alone. The CD content contains full 3D applications and digital contents. Beside DAZ Studio, the full version of Carrara 6 Pro and Hexagon 2.5 are included on the CD. How amazing ! These are powerful 3D apps with the combined value of hundreds of dollars ! Carrara is a full 3D modelling, rendering and animation package, while Hexagon is a dedicated 3D modeller.

To buy the book or get more info, click the Book Cover below.

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