Online 3D Printing Services

Nowadays, there is so much hype about this whole business of 3D printing and the 4th Industrial Revolution. To physically fabricate your 3D digital models, you can get a 3D printer yourself and send the data into the printer. However, as of this writing, this (3D printing process) is not as straight forward as that of desktop inkjet or laser printers. More of than not, you will need to know how to calibrate the printers, set up material loading or feeding and so on so forth. Furthermore, if problem arises, you will need to know how to troubleshoot as well. As you can see, 3D printing may not be as easy as many make it out to be.

There is an easier alternative to all this. That is, to send your digital models for via Online 3D printing Services. These online services allow you to upload your model using popular formats such as STL. They will analyse your model for print-worthiness. Very usefully, you can also print in various materials. Pricings are automatically generated for instant feedbacks.

Popular ones include:



Note: If you are printing with Sculpteo for the first time, you can use the code MYFIRSTPRINT to automatically get $7 off.

Hope that is information is helpful for you and happy 3D printing.