Artwork: Out of the Matrix


Certain school of thoughts liken phenomena to be like a hologram. This illustration is a symbolic depiction of breaking out of the holographic web of illusionary perception. The face breaking out of the Matrix symbolises the experience of perceiving beyond the hologram’s erroneous perception.

generative design

General Workflow

The software used for creating this work include Rhino 6 (WIP version) and its inbuilt Grasshopper Generative Design and Modelling tool. Additionally, Blender, the open source 3D modelling software was also used, mainly for making the initial cage for the subdivision model.The exciting new subdivision and ‘conversion to NURBS’ tools of Rhino 6 were deployed for translating the Blender ‘cage’ into NURBS surfaces.


Keyshot was used for staging and rendering the rhino model. Finally, Serif Affinity Photo was used for image retouching.

The artist is an Authorised Rhinoceros 3D Trainer. He conducts 3D Modelling Courses in Singapore and other parts of Asia.