Real Time Product Visualisation using free software

Game Engines are not just for making games. They can have wide applications beyond the realm of entertainment.

One of the most useful of such applications is Product Visualisation. Another is in the area of Architectural and Interior Visualisation. One advantage of using Game Engine for this kind of work is that the display is interactive. This is unlike traditional animation in which the frames are pre-rendered.

Unreal Engine and Unity are popular Game Engines. However, Blender the 3D open source content creation application also sports a Game Engine.

Below is an example of a 3D concept design (done in Studiorola) being presented in Real-time using the power of the Blender Game Engine.


From version 2.8 onwards, Blender will include a new and exciting real time rendering engine known as Eevee.

Note: At Studiorola, we offer consultation in the creation of interactive 3D presentation using Real-time Blender Game engine. We also conduct 3D Modeling Courses.