Rhino 3D: Manipulating tangent curve (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the Manipulating Tangent Curve Rhino 3D tutorial.

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In Part 1, we have turn on the Control points as shown below.


Now, we need to create the ‘construction line’ that is somewhat similar to the manipulator  in Alias Studio. Go to Curve Tools >> Adjust Curve End Bulge. It is as shown below.


When prompted to select point to move, select the 2nd CV of the curve.

You can now move the 2nd CV along the tangent line.

The tangency of the curve will be maintained and yet its shape can be fine tuned.


This tutorial has just illustrated the steps required to manipulate and fine-tune the shape of a curve to the edge of an adjacent surface without compromising tangency.

Hope that this little trick is useful. 🙂

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