Trying out Kerkythea 2008

I am new to Kerkythea. In fact, very new to it as I have only tried it for the last few days.

This program looks promising but I am still unable to get a good hang of it.

What I managed to find out that there are additional libraries of materials and global setting that can be installed to expand the user-friendliness of the program. One very welcoming add-on is the global setting that includes HDR light probes.

To try out the program, I inserted a few pre-included objects into a scene (as shown below).


Below is the initial result I have got from rendering the scene.


I used pseudo caustics and tried out the image mapping. As you can see, the image is very grainy.However, I think the realism of its outcome is still pretty good.

I think when given sufficient time to experiment with Kerkythea, one may eventually be able to use it comfortably for industrial design related visualization and rendering purposes.

Once I get a better understanding of the program for product design rendering, I will post my findings on this site. 🙂