Economy depends on Ecology

Just some rambling here. Nothing definitive.

Finance and economy are aspects of life peculiar to human beings. Because of that we tend to assume that economy is not related to things of the natural world. This is far from the truth. Bad ecology will affect the economy.

Why is that so? This is because we require natural resources in order to strive. What we eat, consume and use all directly or indirectly come from natural resources. Natural resource is the ecology.

earth1.jpgHuman desires are varied and complex. The services and goods that individuals, organisations and countries acquire are wide and varied. However, things that drives the economy can all be traced back to their sources within the ecology. The things you buy, be it perishable or otherwise need raw material to create. The raw materials are extracted indirectly from the ecology.

Looking at how the financial statistics and figures fair will not solve the problems of the economy. If the general base condition is bad, no matter how hard one tries to extract some goodness out of it, it wouldn’t work. Likewise, if the natural resources and conditions are waning, one simply can’t squeeze what is required out of thin air.

Perhaps, the prevailing bad economy and the ecological changes are not that un-related after all.

When certain parts of a whole go into unbalanced excess or deficit, a new equilibrium will be put forth in motion. How this new equilibrium will come about and how human lives will be affected in the process are what we are about to experience in the coming unfoldings.