Bathrooms for the elderly

The ageing of the world’s human population is one of the top concern for our present era. Currently, many products do not have a trans-generational approach. This is compounded by the fact that most designers are not within the age range of the elderlies. Because of that, it can be quite difficult for designers to feel and have a personal connection to designs that encompass the needs of the elderly persons.

In the home environment, one of the places that much required elderly-friendly design is the bathroom. Studies have shown that bathrooms are more accident-prone places within the home for an aged person. Therefore choosing elderly friendly bathroom design entails more than just pure aesthetics.


Bathrooms tends to be more slippery. This increases the likelihood of slipping and falling. Thus, having non-slip materials for the floor is critical for safety. Also it is beneficial for floor designs to incorporate provisions for easy and rapid draining of water from the floor.

Another consideration are the ergonomics of toilet furnitures. For example, it is much harder for an elderly person to stand up from a toilet seat or bidet. Also, the downward movement of the lower body and its impact on the seat are also relatively harder for an elderly person. Because of these two factors, height considerations of toilet seats and bidets are critical. Railing supports beside toilets and bidets seats that allow them to hold onto are of very great help too.


Additionally, door nobs and tap handles should be easy to turn. Totally round or cylindrical nobs and handles can be quite hard for an elderly person to turn.


Well, there are many more considerations. These are some of the more obvious ones. Thanks for reading.

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