Free Video Editor – VideoSpin

There are quite a few free Video editors that can be downloaded from the Internet. Honestly speaking, most of them are pretty unusable. One of the more powerful free video editor is Blender. However, this complex software has a rather steep learning curve.
Another very good one is Davinvi Resolve Lite. Unfortunately, unless you have powerful hardware, you may not be able to operate it meaningfully.

Recently, I stumbled upon one free Video Editor that is quite useful and simple to use – Pinnacle VideoSpin.



This program is easy to use and understand. You can import movies and videos, images, music and sound files and compile them into compelling animated video works. The program comes with a pretty nice list of transitions. It even has a text-editor. As for music manipulation, you can control the volume along the timeline.

Output-wise, the video quality is quite good. In fact, I find it nicer and less pixelated or blurry than most other free offerings. Click here to see a test demo that I have created using this editor.

In terms of features and power, this free program cannot match professional video editors such as Adobe Premier. For example, it only has a single track for video input, unlike the multi-tracked feature of most paid editors. However, it does allow the user to insert multiple video clips, albeit in a linear manner.

Despite its obvious shortcomings, it should be useful enough for creating videos that doesn’t require high-end tools.

Here’s is an example of a Youtube video that is created by us using Pinnacle Videospin. The animation is actually using Blender though.

Not too bad, isn’t it 🙂