Blender 3D Presentations and Workshops

As of late, I have been pretty involved in Blender-related workshops.

Yishun Junior College Workshop

On 20th May, I gave an introductory presentation about Blender and 3D animation basics in Yishun Junior College. The audience were students and staffs from the College’s Media Club. I conducted the two-hour plus workshop through the invitation of the Club’s Teacher-in-charge Mdm Ho.

Below are two images from this particular workshop.

yj-blender yj-blender

Me in Yishun Junior …. . College Students fiddling with Blender

Ngee Ann Polytechnic Workshop

On 23th May, together with the other passionate members of the Singapore Blender User Group, I give a joint presentation in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. As of this writing the group is small, comprising of 5 members, namely Victor Yap, Daniel Yam, Soh WeeLian, Sacha Goedegebure and me.

Victor who is a solution architect, is also the main organiser, gave an opening introduction. Weelian, who is a lecturer with Ngee Ann Polytechnic gave an interesting demonstration of 3D modelling using Blender.

11.jpg weelian_present0000.jpeg

Victor presenting…. Weelian modelling a MIG 17 in minutes

Sacha, who was the Director of Big Buck Bunny gave an engaging overview of many cool features of Blender. Of particular interest was a demonstration of the Game Engine. Daniel, who is Creative Director for the Creative Room shared his experience with Blender.

sasha.jpg 111.jpg

Sacha showing the Game Engine….. Daniel sharing his Blender experience

As for me, I give a presentation on Rendering. As I am Industrial Design-trained, my presentation was geared towards using Blender as a rendering, visualisation and animation platform for presenting Design Concepts.

sim_presen.jpg 14.jpg

Me talking about Product Visualisation …… Sacha connecting with the audience

After the presentations ended, many from the audience stayed behind to mingle with one another. As for me, the presentations and exchanges were enriching. It opened my eyes to other possibilities, potentials and ways of using Blender.

Note: I am available to conduct Blender 3D related trainings, consultation and courses. They are as the following

1. Digital Art using Blender 3D

2. 3D Printing using Blender

3. Blender/ Cycles Rendering

4. Blender compositing

5. Blender – Makehuman usage

6 thoughts on “Blender 3D Presentations and Workshops

  1. Hello Sim Pern,

    After recently moving to Singapore I’m interested in getting involved with the local blender group. The official website for the group doesn’t appear to provide any contact information. Given your involvement with the club and blender can you provide me with contact details for the club?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hello Sim Pern!
    I plan to move to Singapore next year (hopefully), and am looking at the possibility of meeting other blender users there also..

    also, Do you know of any industry (or company) which uses blender in Singapore?

    thanks much!

  3. Hi Garu,

    You can link up with the Blender User Group… or drop me a mail when you are in Singapore and/or I can send you Victor Yap’s email. Victor is the main organiser of Blender User Group of Singapore.

    As for Blender being used in Singapore commercially… the market is really really small. Most companies here use 3Dstudio Max… as usual.

  4. Hi,
    Based on the sources of the website, i have found out that there are actually blender users in singapore here. I am also a blender user although im new to it and this club looks very interesting. Besides i have a lot of queries and its a pleasure for me to be provided with contact details of the club?


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