Work-in-progress: New Concept Craft

This is a science fictional conceptual design for a new 3D rendered image to be included in Uncommon Paradigm 3D Artbook.

Staying true to the spirit of using open source programs for this particular project, the initial ideation sketch (as shown below) was created using My Paint on a Tablet PC. My Paint is an open source digital painting tool that is rather similar to Artrage and Sketch book Pro.

Unfortunately, My Paint does not seems to be able to detect pressure sensitivity on the Tablet PC (although Artrage on the same Tablet PC is able to do so).  I have heard that My Paint running on the Linux is able to detect pressure sensitivity of Pen strokes. However, on my Win XP machine it failed to do so.

By the way, the concept is meant to be an unmanned reconnaissance craft.


After the ideation sketches, I proceed to the 3D modelling phase. Below is a screenshot of the initial 3D modelling done in Blender 2.5. Typical of this kind of modelling work, the mirror and subdivision modifiers are used quite a fair bit. As of this writing, there are still much to do.

For this piece, I intend to eventually render the final image using the Cycles Renderer. Cycles is a new GPU-enable unbiased rendering engine currently still in early development phase.


Update (10th August):

Below is the latest update of New Concept Craft. The surfaces have been refined and a test render is been done using Cycles Renderer. There are still much detailings to be done. Eventually, given enough time, I hope to be able to 3D print the design.


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