3D Artwork – New Concept Craft

New Concept Craft for Uncommon Paradigm Science Fiction Artbook. It is an unmanned reconnaissance craft.

Note: 3D Models of variant of this science fiction concept craft can be bought at the link below:

>> Science Fiction Remote Land Vehicle Craft 3D model Download Sales <<


This concept automotive design is modelled using Blender 3D and rendered using the Yafaray Rendering Engine, both of which are high-quality open-source programs. For this piece, Path-tracing was used as the GI (Global illumination) lighting method. Multiple anti-alias passes, coupled with tight threshold value were used to clean up the noise which are inherent with this type of rendering algorithm.

The concept development and work-in-progress can be found here.


Note and Updates : If you have been following Blender’s progress and development, you will know that Cycles Rendering Engine is embedded within Blender itself. It is very powerful and because of this, The Cycles material system is significantly different from that of Yafaray’s as well as the Blender Internals. However, like the Blender Internal Renderer, the creation of materials is still accessible from the Materials and Texturing panels. However, to harness the real power of Cycles rendering engine, one has to use the Node Editor. Below is a screenshot of Cycles rendering in action. One huge advantage of Cycles is its ability to utilise dedicated graphics cards to process the rendering calculation. With a powerful graphics card on-board, rendering speed can be dramatically improved over that of traditional CPU-based rendering mode.

Blender Cycles PBR

As of this writing, I seldom use Yafaray Rendering Engine now. Instead, I will rather use Cycles, which, in my opinion, is more powerful and is able to produce very good results quite easily.

Note: The Author is available to deliver 3D Modelling Courses in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

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