Uncommon Paradigm – Intro

Uncommon Paradigm is a personal project that I have been working on since 2001.

Now, that it is already 2010, many years have passed. It is time to wrap up this artwork project soon. My target is to finish the work by the end of this year.


What is Uncommon Paradigm? Well, it will be a freely distributable e-book (in PDF format) that documents the photographic capture of a fictitious space traveller.

The idea was to use the resources that are available to me to create the artworks. The initial works were mainly created using Rhino NURBS for modelling, Truespace and POV-ray for rendering. Later works, evolved into using Blender and Carrara Pro for most of the work, with Yafaray as an occasional external renderer.

The e-book will be completed using Scribus Open source desktop publishing software.

Watch this website for future developments regarding Uncommon Paradigm 🙂