Open Source 3D is not free

I love Blender 3D. I love the fact that such a powerful 3D application can be free. However, as much as I would like to think that Open Source 3D is free, the truth is that it is not entirely so…


Over the years, I have bought quite a few books and magazines to learn Blender. Several books on Blender were bought starting with “The Blender Book”.  On average, each book costs between SGD 60 – 100. In addition, many 3D World Magazines were purchased over the years. In all, hundreds of dollars have been splashed on learning Blender 3D.

Well, I am not really complaining. I think receiving and giving must be in good balance. Buying these books help in supporting the good people who keep Blender free as a 3D application. Also, over the years, I have did commercial projects that utilized Blender 3D. The cost of learning the application certainly paid off.

In conclusion, I will think that Open source 3D is comparatively low-cost rather than being totally free.

One thought on “Open Source 3D is not free

  1. HELP! I’m working on a glas btlote in blender with cycles , and I want to apply a ticket/tag on top of the glass, but a mix shader can not multiply so, I either get a gleaming and slichtly transparent ticket or the glass material becomes non-transparent ( the texture i want to multyply has transparency [png])any suggestions? a color mix node on multiply doesn’t seem to do the trick either. Thanks in advance Max

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