Carrara Pro + DAZ Studio Advanced Bundle

DAZ is currently running a time-limited promotion that bundles Carrara 7 Pro with DAZ Studio Advanced.

The bundle will be cheaper than buying the two products separately as standalones.

DAZ Studio Advanced is not the regular free DAZ Studio character posing program. Instead it is a new paid version that sports new advanced features. New features include a figure mixer that allows new characters to be created by blending different existing figures. This version of DAZ Studio also has better material creation and rendering capabilities.

As for Carrara Pro 7, it is a feature-rich 3D application that allows modelling, landscape and ocean creation, atmospheric effects, rigging, raytracing, global illumination, character rigging, animation and much more.

DAZ Studio Advanced is tightly integrated with Carrara Pro. It even allows animation data created in it to be exported into Carrara Pro. That means that one can create the 3d character creation and animation in DAZ Studio Advanced and import the data into Carrara Pro for scene composition and rendering.