Blender 3D and Project Wonderland

I recently did some works for Open Systems Innovation. It is a Singapore-based Company that provides IT solutions and out-sourcing services. Among its many other services, Open Systems also specialises in creating projects and works using Project Wonderland, an X3D-based application. My involvement consisted of providing some 3D supports for Project Wonderand. My job included some 3D modelling but mainly 3D coaching. For both aspects of the work, Blender 3D was the 3D platform used.


Well, I am no expert in Project Wonderland. Nevertheless, I thought that some of the things that Open Systems Innovations does using Project Wonderland are interesting.

Below is a Wonderland-based Project that Open Systems Innovation is working on.

2 thoughts on “Blender 3D and Project Wonderland

  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in learning Blender for developing environments on Wonderland, would it be too much in asking for any particular link where I can learn what is needed to know about creating these 3D environments on Blender? Is it really as easy as modeling in Blender and exporting to Wonderland, or is there some specific information about modeling this 3D worlds.

    Thanks for further answers

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