3D Artwork: Mini Village

Hidden in an insignificant forest, lies a mini village peopled by mini people. These people are actually the descendants of a race of mini space-travelling humanoids that crash-landed on Earth. Because of their extreme small-size, these people now live in large hollowed-out mushrooms. The village is irrigated by an alien system that utlilises tubular bio-organic structures, part of which can be seen in the scene below as the green glowy tube.


Artwork is created using Blender 3D 2.47. Modelling, rigging and rendering were done entirely on Blender. GIMP was used for final colour correction. The earlier work-in-progress for this artwork can be found here.

6 thoughts on “3D Artwork: Mini Village

  1. Very impressive design. I am new to the 3D world and ran in to your website, your work is impressive. I am hoping to sharpen my skills and become proficient in this industry in the coming years.

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