Solid Edge 2D Drafting – free 2D CAD software

Solid Edge 2D Drafting is a free 2D CAD software. It is compatible with the industrial standard format DWG, allowing both import and export using this format.

Having tried it for a while, I find it intuitive and easy to use. It sports smart dimensioning with makes adding annotations and dimensions easy and responsive.


All the usual and essential drafting features are in there. These include tools to draw the line works, add dimensions and fill hatch patterns for cross-sections. In also comes with the essential title-blocks. Printing is also pretty straightforward with ‘Current Display’ and “Print Area’ mode.

You can get this powerful 2D Drafting software from Solid Edge’s website. Click here to get the program.

Another free 2D CAD software is Free2Design. However, its site seems to have disappeared.