Free 2D CAD – DoubleCAD XT

Looking for a free 2D CAD and drafting tool?

Perhaps, you can try DoubleCAD XT.  As an ex-AutoCad user, I find DoubleCAD XT easy to understand and use. In fact, it seems that much of the AutoCAD commands (at command prompt) are in DoubleCAD XT as well. Using the process and commands learnt from AutoCAD usage, I was able to work on DoubleCAD without too much difficulties.

To be honest, I don’t use 2D CAD that often now. Nevertheless, on initial experimentation, DoubleCADXT seems pretty good. The importation of DWG files from other sources also seems fine.


There are actually 2 versions of DoubleCAD, namely XT and XT Pro. XT and free while XT Pro isn’t.

For download and more info, go to