Yes Gifts – promotional and corporate items

Personally, I feel that the more we save on paper usage, the better it is for the environment on the whole. Basically, what we really need is just an effective way for informational transfer and dissemination. The nature of paper usage tends to be wasteful. This is because, even when the information dissemination has been completed, paper as the medium’s physical conduit remains. Thus, in a not-so-ideal way, Paper as a medium often outlives its usefulness in many occasions.

Yes Gifts at is an online store that goes the extra mile to be eco and environmentally friendly. It specialises in promotional products. What’s so significant about such a store is that promotion and selling of products can go entirely paperless.


Yes Gift’s product range is inclusive of Business Corporate and Promotional Gifts items. The online store sells more than 8000 types of products. The product range is too wide to be adequately described.  Products as different and diverse as Bottle Openers are to Frisbees can be found there.

The site have several implementations that are advantageous of the eco-friendly movement. For example, Yes Gifts has a Promotional Enviro Gifts section that sells environmentally friendly gift items. This section has much recyclable products. There you can find stuffs such as organic bags and clothings, recycled stationery and more.


The slogan on the site is ‘We are paperless, no printed catalogues, no direct mailing’.  Yes Gifts is certainly living up to the cause.