Designer Profile: Terence Loh

This is the first article in the Designer Profile section, that will be featuring Designers and other creative professionals.

I will start this off with a friend and an ex-colleague of mine: Terence Loh 😉

terence_loh_small.jpgTerence Loh is a Singapore-based Industrial Design Professional. He has a Master’s Degree with the University of New South Wales. Prior to that, he was a Diploma with Merit Holder from the Product Design Course, Temasek Design School.

As of this writing, he is currently the Honoray Treasurer for Designers Association of Singapore (DAS). He is now also working as a Senior Research Officer at SIMTech – A*STAR, Singapore.i_trans_22.jpg

His past work experiences in the Design field were wide and varied. His portfolio covered both industrial as well as academic experiences.

In the field of real-world Industrial and Product Design, he has worked in Panasonic AVC Networks Singapore Pte Ltd as Head of Industrial Design. He has also been a Senior Product Designer at Philips Design Singapore which is part of Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd. His earlier work experiences included stint in Creative Technology, PSB (now known as Xentiq) and IPC Corporation.

His specialisation and interests are in the following areas: Audio Recording, Sound Engineering and Loudspeaker/Acoustics Design.


In the area of Design Academics, he had been a Design Lecturer with Temasek Design School, Temasek Polytechnic.

To contact him, one can use his LinkedIn Profile here.