Scifi lady – 3D work-in-progress

This is a work-in-progress. Work was made using Blender 3D and Makehuman opensource programs. What is Makehuman? It is a free human character making software. It is downloadable from its official website.

Note: These are old Makehuman Blender artworks dating back to 2009. Makehuman is much more powerful now and the humans are more realistic and more editable as well. By no needs are these artworks reflective of what Makehuman can achieve now.


The Working Process:

When first imported into Blender, the initial 3D model from Makehuman was not really usable. The imported 3D model was naked and bald.

The mesh was modified with some parts deleted and the mesh ‘reposed’. Hair and eye brows were created using Blender’s hair particle system. Clothing were created in Blender 3D as separate materials on the same mesh.

Additionally, the original BVH armature was also not posing and behaving well. Thus the rig was modified and added additional bones.

In my opinion, if you want to save yourself from these extra headaches, DAZ Studio is another free, but more complete 3D character posing program (as of this writing). 😉 This is especially true, if you are using Carrara as your main 3D application because DAZ 3D models can import into Carrara seamlessly.

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