Uncommon Paradigm is released

Dear All,

Uncommon Paradigm is released! It is a free 3D artbook created by me that made use of low cost but effective 3D programs such as Carrara Pro and Blender to create the artworks.

As this Artbook appeared on the News Headlines of the Official Blender 3D Website, a good amount of publicity was generated. On the first day of its release, there were over one thousand downloads. Most of the downloads came from the link directed from the Official Blender Site.


This was a good thing and a bad one as well. The good thing was that it was well received. The bad thing was that it used up the bandwidth of the server host in just one day. So, now I am forced to use a different host to temporarily host the electronic artbook.

Anyway, here’s the download page for Uncommon Paradigm.