Mini Village – work-in-progress 2

This is the second work-in-progress update for Mini Village.


Currently, I had modified the Blender file to include new elements such as the mud tracks and mushroom houses. These elements made use of Blender’s newer features such as sculpt mode and subsurface scattering. All modelling works and rendering were done using Blender 3D and its internal renderer respectively.

In the subsequent stage, I will be making changes and inclusions based on suggestions by others, especially people from the Blenderartists forum. This will include redoing some of the elements as well as adding some mini characters into the scene. The work-in-progress mini character is as shown below. Currently, he exists on a separate non-rendered layer of the Blender file. After he is done, he will need to be UV texture mapped and rigged for posing later on.


The first WIP is here.

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