Yafaray for TrueSpace

Just when we thought that Truespace is dead, Caligari has released a new version 7.61. This version is free as well. Please go to Caligari website to download it.

As I have not been using Truespace for quite a while, I will not comment on it.

Another happy news is that Truespace now has Yafaray support.  It sort of replaces the discontinued Vray support for Truespace. As a Vray user, I really appreciate Vray’s relative ease-of-use and ability to produce beautiful and realistic images fast. In my opinion, Yafaray is the closest free equivalent to the formidable V-ray. So, Yafaray’s support for TrueSpace is a good thing.

Just in case you do not know what Yafaray is, well, it is a free high quality rendering engine that supports true global illumination. Yafaray gives you the choice to use path tracing, bi-directional path tracing, photon mapping and ambient occlusion for rendering. Beside TrueSpace, Yafaray also is supported by Blender 3D.

To download the Yafaray plugin for Truespace, go to http://www.yafaray4ts.org/download.html

2 thoughts on “Yafaray for TrueSpace

  1. thx for the haedsup on yafaray,it too bad it dont install would have been great if it worked out
    per there instructions after installing all thats needed
    you should see it in the library browser(not there)
    if ya try to manually istall it crashes
    like i said would have been great if it worked.

  2. I followed the help instructions exactly and it installed without a problem. Just make sure to install YafaRay 0.1.1 first. I created a Blender folder as instructed and also had to create a scripts folder to get it to install. Thanks a lot!

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