Free Character Posing Software – Daz Studio

Daz Studio is a free rendering and animation software for posing 3D humans. It is similar in concept to Poser. The closest open-source equivalent will be the excellent Makehuman.


This software comes pre-included with the 3Delight renderer. Additionally, its capability can be further enhanced by purchasing or downloading add-ons such as new characters and props. It can also import and export Wavefront Obj 3D files. If you are into Industrial Design, I can imagine DAZ Studio being used for ergonomic study, illustrating product usage and user scenarios.

The free default download already come preloaded with a basic human figure. After you have signed up, go to 3D Software >> DAZ Studio to download it.

Note: For a better experience, your computer should have a reasonably decent graphics card that supports OpenGL. Also, the default interface hides quite a bit of its tools. To access more tools, go to View >>> Tabs.

Happy downloading 🙂

9 thoughts on “Free Character Posing Software – Daz Studio

  1. Daz studio is by far the best free rendering program they make.. I use it for all of my renders which are posted on under artist shvrkidd. The controls are all easy to use, and the newest version is almost setup like poser 6. The rendering is pretty good for a beginer that only has the factory video software.. This is a great program to learn on.

  2. I have a few questions that need to be answered before I decide to download this rendering program. Can the characters I create with this be imported into other art programs and into Microsoft Office PowerPoint? If so, what other art programs are compatible with this one?

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