Cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution ?

Are we going towards a 4th Industrial Revolution? It certainly appear so.

There are much changes in the technological front. The economy is also appearing to be slowing down for the moment. But, how the future unfolds is yet to be seen, and we do not want to make wild speculations. Nevertheless, it has been said that this industrial revolution will be significantly different from the previous ones.

It never hurts to keep abreast with potential changes. Changes are happening in many aspects including businesses. With the advent of smart phones and the internet, people are much more connected then before and information are spreading in a more non-hierarchical and rapid way. Coupled with the proliferation of emerging technologies and trends such as 3D printing, robotics, the internet of things, open-sourcing, things are changing in a rapid way. The 4th Industrial revolution may signify the need to adapt to new behaviors and be able to adopt and harness new technologies.

Are you ready for the new world? Watch the video below for a brief concept about the Fourth Industrial Revolution.