Rhino 3D Book: Rhinoceros Organic Modelling (A Subdivision modelling guide)

With the advent of version 7 of Rhinoceros 3D CAD, organic and freeform modeling just got much easier. This is due to the inclusion of a new comprehensive set of Sub-division or SubD modelling tools.

This book will help Rhino 3D Users new to Sub-D to take the plunge into the world of Organic modeling using this technology.

Rhino 3D Sub-D SubD book

This book is available in Kindle format via Amazon. More details here: Amazon.com: Rhinoceros Organic Modelling: A Subdivision Modelling Guide eBook: Pern Chong, Sim : Kindle Store

Core workflow and principles of Subdivision modelling unique to Rhinoceros are written in this book. Included is also a guide to modeling an human face. Additionally, this book also touch upon Sub-D for Grasshopper which is the visual programming and parametric aspect of Rhino 3D CAD.