Book Info: CAD To Blender 3D (Book 2)

Book 1 of CAD to Blender is about the essentials of bringing CAD files into Blender for presentation and animation purposes. In Book 2, more comprehensive and in-depth techniques for creating presentation style and visuals are explored.

This includes more coverage on the possibilities with post processing using the Node compositor. Workflows and processes such as render passes and photographic simulation will be illustrated.

This includes techniques that allow for the main object to be illuminated by the scene / world even though the background is assigned as a solid or mono colour.

Additionally, more complex animations for design visualisation will also be touched upon. This includes animation for object/s moving along a path curve (an example is illustrated below).

As best as possible, this book attempts to reduce the hassle of finding information pertaining to certain presentational outcome. It is structured for easy following, to achieve results via a shorter learning curve.