Rendering Guidebook Intro: CAD To Blender 3D (Book 1)

CAD TO BLENDER 3D – Book 1 is a book that guides the User in using Blender 3D as a capable yet freely downloadable alternative to expensive 3D rendering and animation tool for product, jewelry, interior and engineering presentation.

This book structures the importation (of CAD data) and creation process in a way that easy to follow. At best as possible, ambiguities are reduced. The books covers the preparation of imported files, rendering and animated presentation of CAD models using Blender for realtime (Eevee realtime engine) as well as photorealistic (Cycles engine) renders and product animation.

Among its application, It is suitable for Product Design visualisation ..

Jewelry or Fashion hardware Design as illustrated below.

As well as Interior Design visualisation. The demo below shows Realtime visualisation (using EEvee) in action.

It will also touch upon the tools available in the 3.0 + versions of Blender. This include integration with a Material Asset Library.
Users of CAD programs such as Sketchup, Solidworks, Rhino, FreeCAD may find this book helpful as a reference for creating compelling rendering and presentations of their designs, solutions and concepts.

Persons who might benefit from this Guidebook includes Product Designers, Jewelry Makers, Mechnical Engineers, Interior Designer and or Students in these fields that wants a realistic rendering and presentation solution.