Mace concept rendering


This is a 3D concept rendering for a Mace design for an Educational Institute.

The concept was conceived by a colleague. My task was to create realistic conceptual renderings of the concepts.

The modelling was done on Rhino 3D using NURBS. The model was later imported into Blender 3D. It was then rendered using the Yafray renderer via Blender 3D.

One thought on “Mace concept rendering

  1. Get started with Blender You can’t learn Blender ovgeinrht, unfortunately, even if you only need to use a sub-set of its tools, such as producing static 3-D images. But that’s because, for most people, thinking in three dimensions is hard, and drawing in three dimensions (on a two-dimensional screen) is even harder. All of the techniques Blender offers to build 3-D models — meshes, skins, NURBs, extrusion — are just shortcuts to help you get from the design you can picture in your head to a concrete, well-defined model inside the computer. They take some getting used to, and more than that, they take practice. But there’s no reason to feel intimidated by them.

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