Yafaray Interior Design Rendering

This is my first attempt at using Yafaray with Blender 3D for an interior design rendering. As I am not interior design trained, I took references and find inspirations from works such as Miami Interior Decorators.

The interior design modelling was done in Rhinoceros 3D.


Yaf(a)ray did render faster than Yafray. Texture maps however do not correspond to the default way that Blender does it.

My initial attempts were rendered using Photo-mapping + Final Gathering. However, I had problems with getting the right exposure and noise level. The initial specs were as follows.

Photons: 2000000         Diff Radius:60

FG sample: 320              FG bounce: 2

AA Pass: 1                        AA Sample: 3

The initial tests were very noisy with much ‘fireflies’ effects. The noise somewhat was reduced with higher FG sample and AA sample.

Eventually, I gave up using Photo-mapping with Final Gathering and used Path-tracing instead. The result was better.

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