Cycles Render in Rhino 6 WIP

Cycles Render is a powerful rendering engine commonly associated with Blender 3D. It seems, this powerful open source rendering program will be included in the next version of Rhino 3D as well. Under the Render Window, there is the option is use either Rhino Render or Cycles for Rhino.

rhino 3d gpu render
Cycles rendering engine is capable of using both the CPU and GPU for calculation of rendering. As can be seen below, you can choose to use either option.

cycles for rhino


Here in Studiorola, we are already familiar with the Cycles Rendering Engine via its implementation in Blender 3D. In fact, we have courseware pertaining to it.


Some of our regular clients are also supported via this rendering engine as well. Cycles implementation in the next version of Rhino is exciting news for Rhino3D Users indeed 🙂